Do you want to win your next rally racing?

We believe everyone deserves the best tools to be competitive in a TSD rally... you should make the difference, not the tool!

We built up 3pRally leveraging the experience of the best rally drivers and co-pilots to let you win the next rally.

All the features you ever dreamed to have in a Trip Master!

Everything you need to make the next racing your best one!


Monitor your Average Speed since last Partial Reset and choose what else you want to have a look at between Current Speed and Total Average Speed (since the start of the trail or last Total Reset).
Want to focus on something different than Speed? Just tap on one of the labels at the top of the screen!


When focused on distances, you can monitor both the Total Distance and the Partial Distance since last Partial Reset.
To reset the Partial Distance (and all the other Partial Counters), just tap on the red 3pRally icon.
To quickly reset all the counters (including Total Distance), tap on the black 3pRally icon. 


Need to be focused on the elapsed time?
Total Time and Partial Time are available as well!

Tapping the 3pRally icons, you will reset the all the Partial (red icon) or Total Counters (black icon).

Additional Speed

For your Special Stage you need to reset the Average Speed without resetting the other Partial Counters?

Enable “Independent Partial Average Speed” in Settings and resetting the Partial Speed (green 3pRally icon) you will not reset the Partial Counters. 


Need to manually change the distance (one-off) or want to permanently add a “correction factor” to the measured distance (”manual GPS calibration”)?

Just double tap on of the distance labels!

 “Adjusted” Counters

In case you applied a “manual GPS calibration”, the app will always remember and show the applied correction percentage in the main view (in a tiny green box).


Missed a turn or took the wrong exit at a roundabout?

Tap the Reverse Button (we call it Rewind!) and continue to drive until you are back on track! 

Night View

Driving in the right? The app has a special mode for it!

Enable “Night View” in settings and the app will change its color to be more readable in low light situation (black background). 


Using the Map View, to follow your progress on the map!


What is Flic!?! Flic is a bluetooth smart button that can be used to
 remotely control the 3pRally app without touching your iPad/iPhone.


Save all your tracks automatically (or manually one-by-one) and show them on the map at any time.


Export all your tracks in a standard portable format (GPX or KML) and import them in your favorite application.


All the settings you need to customise your app experience.


Access the in-app Tutorial or Contextual Help with a simple tap on the “i” icon from any app view.

Apps & Pricing

Choose the right App for you...

3pMaster Pro

The ultimate Universal App for
off-road trails with Road-Books.
€23,99 in Europe
£20.99 in U.K.
$21.99 in U.S.
Universal App (iPhone & iPad)
KML & GPX export via in-app purchase
Focused on Distance (total and partial)
For Off-Road and Rally


The best iPhone App for
time-speed-distance Rally (TSD)
€59,99 €39,99 in Europe
£49.99 £34.99 in U.K.
$54.99 $35.99 in U.S.
iPhone App
KML & GPX export included
Focused on Distance, Time & Speed
Specialised for TSD Rally

3pRally Pro

The best Universal App for
time-speed-distance Rally (TSD)
€89,99 €49,99 in Europe
£74.99 £43.99 in U.K.
$79.99 $44.99 in U.S.
Universal App (iPhone & iPad)
KML & GPX export included
Focused on Distance, Time & Speed
Specialised for TSD Rally
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